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Boers & Co MechaTronica Industrie

You are already familiar with Boers & Co FijnMechanische Industrie (precision engineering) and Boers & Co PlaatWerk Industrie (sheet metal).
To provide you with a single point of contact for projects that involve precision engineering, precision sheet metal processing, and mechatronics, we founded Boers & Co MechaTronica Industrie (mechatronics industry, MTI) on 1 January 2016.

This subsidiary has been working at full capacity for six months now. We have successfully migrated most of our large accounts, which are being managed by our enthusiastic MTI team that consists of fifteen men and women.

We offer custom support for affordable and high-quality modules and sub-modules.
Our senior engineers can assist you in the design-for-manufacturing process (developing or launching new products) and the cost engineering process (for existing products) to help you achieve higher volume discounts and price elasticity.

The main advantages of MTI include:•one stop shopping for assembled products
•supply chain management
•clean assembly areas with HEPA filters
•flexible staff scalability
•electrostatic discharge (ESD) floor for electronics assembly with ESD-safe extraction
•micro-soldering electronics components using lasers
•high-end cleaning and cleanroom packaging for third parties
•several logistic solutions like Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kanban, JIT etc.
In short: too many to mention. Please contact us to align all the possibilities and come together into a smart solution for your challenge.