Visitors Access & Safety Boers & Co

Visitors Access & Safety Boers & Co

Visitors must report to the Order Desk at the visiting location, where they will be issued a badge after registration. 

This badge is marked with the text “visitor” so that this is clear to everyone.

Visitors must wear the badge clearly visible so that everyone can see it and the visitor can be helped if necessary.

All employees of Boers & Co have an RF ID access badge and will assist you in getting access to the public areas of our facility.

They will instruct you with separate safety intructions where needed. 

The safety intructions must always be followed!


For WiFi select wireless network BoersWiFree and connect.

Username boersguest

Password Boers1895


For selfservice at our loactions:

Scan corresponding QR code for the location you are visiting of click on the icon



Location Boers & Co Precision Sheet Metal – Calandstraat, Schiedam












Location Boers & Co Precision Machining – Fokkerstraat, Schiedam












Location Boers & Co Precision Mechatronics – Spykerstraat, Schiedam