• Precision Machining

    From turning and milling to anodising and painting - Boers & Co produces precision mechanical components that satisfy all of the requirements

  • Precision Machining

    From turning and milling to anodising and painting - Boers & Co produces precision mechanical components that satisfy all of the requirements


Boers & Co Precision Machining produces precision mechanical components from extremely disparate materials. We supply these in the desired quantity and quality. We outsource the post-processing of these components to reliable suppliers who aim for quality with the same passion. Our precision mechanical components are good in one go. Our objective is to unburden you so that the continuity of your process is not at risk.


Boers & Co fashions precision mechanical components of extremely high quality. Our added value is that we produce these components in series. Furthermore, Boers & Co has control over the entire chain of production. For the post-processing of products, such as anodising and painting, we collaborate with multiple suppliers, selected for their quality. We also have a completely automatic cleaning installation and our own packaging and transport service. We monitor the processes continuously in collaboration with our customers and suppliers. It is our passion to improve these processes continually.

ISO 13485

Discover our unique method of unburdening

53 mm

Precision Machining in large or small series.
Every component of extremely high quality.

The possibilities

Boers & Co Precision Machining uses advanced production techniques, provides technological and logistical solutions and offers a full range of services.


  • Barfeeder, robot or gantry loading
  • From 0.8 mm to 250 mm in diameter
  • Omnidirectional processing using a sub spindle
  • With B axis


  • 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis
  • Omnidirectional processing using 6-surface processing
  • Roboticised product loading or pallet loading
  • Boers & Co Precision Machining has a total of more than 35 CNC machines.

Cleaning & Packaging

  • Ultraclean cleaning
  • Cleanroom packaging
  • Customised packaging units/qualities
  • Including (material) certificates

Logistics and Transport

  • VMI, Vendor-Managed Inventory
  • Boers & Co On-going Agreement®
  • Kanban
  • DDP delivery in the BeneluxMore information

Reliability above all else

At Boers & Co, reliability is paramount. With more than 125 years of knowledge and experience, we are able to supply the very best quality. This means that Boers & Co makes exclusive use of the most appropriate materials and processes and that the products supplied meet your expectations. We call this: “good in one go”.

Boers & Co has built long-term, durable relationships throughout the years with both clients and suppliers. We consider it important that all our business relations aim for the same level of quality. This allows Boers & Co to work as efficiently as possible. This defines our passion and our power: achieving joint objectives together and anticipating future wishes.



Tom van Gogh
Manager of Operations


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About Tom van Gogh

Tom van Gogh
Manager of Operations

Grew up with technology, has a no-nonsense mentality and goes for practical solutions. Considers good personal contact important and goes for long-term relationships.

In addition to his passion and precision, he also has a passion for anything propelled by a motor. Loves riding his motorcycle in his free time; also DIY, gardening, tennis and travelling throughout North America.

The culinary world also has his attention. Enjoys visiting restaurants and a glass of good wine.