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EIT Health Flash mentoring @ Boers & Co

Last year participated in a competition and training program EIT Health Catapult. As a semi-finalist, received vouchers to use for consultancy with a mentor from the EIT Health Mentoring and Training Network (MCN). This Flash Mentoring gives access to specialists in different fields to help/advise on relevant topics for young companies. In essence, this is a relationship that can last up to several months depending on the intensity.

As a young technology company, was looking for an innovative partner with an established and state-of-the-art structure. Boers & Co, with its 125+ year history, has a young and innovative, ever-evolving spirit. When we saw how they have set up their workflow management at Confocal, we were immediately convinced that we wanted to learn from them.

Boers & Co believes in strong collaboration in the chain. Whether you think of the integration of Industry 4.0, special training programmes to reduce the bridge between education and business or the sharing of knowledge to processes, we are continuously building on adding value to High Technology processes in the Netherlands, even if it does not directly benefit Boers & Co, we would still like to think along and advise.

The project we did consisted of five sessions in which we continuously approached the set-up of a thorough Technical Product Dossier from a Stakeholder Perspective and Risk Management.

What has been the benefit for And for Boers & Co Precision Solutions? is a relatively young and small company. Last year we started in-house product development, and currently we are setting up in-house production. This mentor interaction has made us think about the level of organisation we need to support these functions, while keeping the organisation flexible.

Boers & Co itself always learns a lot from mentoring, in the case of Confocal it is impressive and instructive to see how an energetic team, and in a short time, has tackled the development of a high-quality application and market approach. is working daily to implement what they have learned in the programme. In the fast-growing company, structure is the key to keeping the organisation under control. We are expanding our teams, and applications, and with that the structure must also grow.

And, not unimportantly, we had a lot of fun going through this project. And it was a good time to exchange ideas back and forth. With the mentor, but also internally with the complete team.